Keyword Research

In order for your site to perform well in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, so that the rankings for your site is as close to the top of the first page as possible, you must do keyword analysis and research using multiple online tools.  These tools will help you discover volume of traffic and competitiveness of certain phrases that apply to your business, product or service you are offering.  For example, if someone is searching for a landscaper in a specific city and state, and you offer landscaping services, you need to make sure that the keywords placed on your site are related to landscaping and are the best keywords possible so that you can take advantage of the keywords that carry the most volume and that are low in competitiveness.  The stronger your keywords are and the position at which you place your keywords into your site, the more competition your site will become and the higher rank Google will assign to your site.  This means more traffic, more conversions and higher ROI.

For information about onsite optimizations, please check out this page.

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