Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can take many forms.  Tactics are completed through different 3rd party platforms such as Google Ads.  Paid advertising is a short-term strategy that requires dollars to be spent per click.  If you are advertising a landscaping company and setup Google Ads, your site along with a snippet of information about your landscaping company will be added to specific keywords that you have chosen, and be shown above the organic or natural listings seen in the search results when an individual searches for landscaping in their area.  Once the budget is met, the ads will be removed from the search results.  You must pay to play.

This type of advertising does not affect your organic listings in any way and will not cause Google to reconsider your rank that it has assigned to your site through the organic search results.

Other advertising may include Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.  The ads will be shown through display networks and show images along with text to the audience you seek to target.  You can choose categories and interests that you believe interest your audience, then advertise to them.  Once an individual searching for a product or service in those categories that you have selected lands on a website that carries ads, your ad will appear showing your product or service you offer.  Most of the time, display advertising carries less traffic to your site through clicks to the ad, but serves most importantly as brand promotion and awareness.

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